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We manage the logistics so you get great prices with local service

Bolwell has manufacturing facilities in both Australia and Thailand. This allows us to provide you with competitive prices but the advantage of local service, administration and engineering only a phone call away.

We will tailor an introduction plan for your product which may start with small volume manufacture in Australia, followed by larger volume from Thailand. We organise everything including tooling transfer, staff training, logistics and storage.

100% owned and operated overseas production

Our composites facility in Thailand is fully owned and operated by Bolwell and is located at the Hemeraj Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate in Rayong (1.5 hours southeast of Bangkok). The Thailand facility is staffed with a team of managers and engineers who work closely with the team in Australia to ensure seamless transition of products to overseas supply. The site boasts a team of over 310 staff and has a covered factory area of over 6000 square meters

Bolwell Thailand Facility
Bolwell Warehousing Melbourne

Management of product for Local JIT delivery

Bolwell organises all the logistics for your product including production scheduling, safety stock holding levels and transport from our Melbourne facility to your facility.  We can offer direct ship of container lots, or we can de-crate the product in Melbourne and delivery FIS.

Quality you can trust

Both our Thailand and Melbourne facilities are fully ISO9001 Quality Endorsed ensuring you get the best quality of product at all times.  Our QA team in Thailand are in constant communications with our Melbourne team ensuring all critical quality concerns and changes are relayed to Thailand immediately. 

Bolwell Quality Control Thailand
Bolwell Laminating Melbourne

Australian Manufacturing Facility

New Project (1).png

With over 120 team members, our Australian manufacturing facility is equipped to handle all local production, short-run prototypes, and tooling testing. The Melbourne location houses our main engineering and tooling departments, as well as a state-of-the-art thermoforming facility. Furthermore, the Melbourne facility serves as the hub for Bolwell's administration, sales, and management.

Demonstrating our dedication to environmental responsibility, Bolwell Melbourne holds the 14001:2015 environmental management system certification.

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