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The early years

A 15-year-old Campbell Bolwell bought a decrepit 1937 Ford V8 sedan for A£50 (around US$100) and, with his brother Graeme's help, decided to repair the panels using a new material called fibreglass. Little did he know that his experimenting with the ‘new technology’ of moulded fibreglass would grow to become Bolwell Corporation of today.

In 1962, after developing hands-on fibreglass moulding skills, Campbell turned his custom sports car hobby into a business. The Bolwell Mk 4 was his first commercial model, selling over 200 units. Bolwell Cars went on to create five different commercial models, 800 cars in total – and in so doing earned a place in Australia’s automotive history. From cars, Bolwell diversified into other fibreglass products and quickly became known for excellence in composite moulding.

Bolwell Brothers Campbell and Graeme with Nagari

Bolwell Sports Cars

In the early years of Bolwell automotive, the company focused on the production of their Bolwell Marque 7 and Bolwell Nagari sports cars. These vehicles were known for their lightweight construction, utilizing newly developed glass reinforced composites, as well as their elegant appearance. The Bolwell Nagari in particular became a racing success, winning multiple races and setting records in the Australian motorsports scene. Bolwell was able to bring this racing technology and experience to the production of their road-going vehicles, making them some of the most advanced and desirable sports cars of their time

Bolwell Technologies

Bolwell Technologies Logo.png

The Bolwell Technologies team, led by Campbell and Graeme, continue to innovate and improve their sports car models using advanced composite materials such as carbon fibre and Kevlar.

The Bolwell Nagari500 is a high-performance supercar that is taking Australia's automotive industry by storm.  This Victorian-built vehicle boasts cutting-edge technology and design, offering unmatched safety, performance, and aerodynamics. With 120 years of combined automotive design expertise, the Bolwell team is pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the road

Bolwell Nagari 500
Bolwell Car Club Xmas Gathering

The Bolwell Car Club

Bolwell Car Club Logo.png

The Bolwell Car Club of Australia (BCCA) is a dedicated community of enthusiasts who celebrate the innovative design and engineering of Bolwell sports cars. With chapters throughout the country, members showcase and race their Bolwells at classic car events. The BCCA is dedicated to the maintenance, preservation, and enjoyment of the Bolwell marque. Membership is open to anyone with a passion for Bolwell cars, and club members often form lifelong friendships through their shared interest.

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