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Innovation at its best.

Bolwell’s own Edge caravan.

The Edge is an off-road camper designed by the Bolwell Engineering team from the ground up. Everything from the steel chassis to the independent swing arm suspension to the unique, moulded composite body was developed from scratch. The Edge was one of the first caravans to incorporate modern, simple and clean styling in its interior with surfaces that are functional and easy to clean. The exterior hosts a range of practical features including a pull out kitchen for those who enjoy cooking in the open air, a rear shower and a pull-out awning which is recessed into the body. The aerodynamics of the caravan are unique and the van is not only easy to tow, but the streamlined design gives the driver stability from crosswind.

Quality Design

The Edge story sums up Bolwell.

The Bolwell EDGE is commercially viable in the Australian caravanning market because it was designed with its ‘manufacturability’ in mind – right from the concept stage from.
We have used aerospace-quality composite plastics in its manufacture, which has meant we have been able to increase the EDGE’s quality for a reduced production cost, and with fewer workmanship variables.
The EDGE story sums up Bolwell – smart design delivering high quality but lower cost products which are aesthetically pleasing.

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