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Design. Perfect. Produce. Repeat

Overseas, low cost manufacturing with local support.

Bolwell Thailand is a state of the art facility located in the prestigious Hemaraj Industrial Estate, in Rayong province and close to Thailand’s major shipping port. The facility is 100% owned and operated by Bolwell and is managed by Neil Decker, a past Operations Manager of Bolwell Australia.

The facility is ISO9001:2015 quality certified with an extensive management team who ensure the same philosophy of Quality, Delivery and Service are maintained through our work with our global customers. The teams from Bolwell Australia and Bolwell Thailand work together to ensure your product is packaged and imported efficiently. We handle all the supply chain requirements for you as well as perform final quality checks after the product has landed.

We also supply locally in Thailand and into the surrounding Asia-Pacific region and we have a full Tooling facility to get your product manufactured quickly.

Design. Perfect. Produce. Repeat

World’s best practice in Thailand.

Bolwell Thailand prides itself on providing the best manufacturing methods, engineering, service and advice to business. Just like our partnership with Caterpillar Underground Mining, where we supply JIT to their local assembly plant, Bolwell Thailand is looking forward to providing your business with hassle free supply.

Bolwell Thailand’s range of composite manufacturing methods include:
• Closed Moulding Flexible bag
• Closed Moulding Lightweight RTM
• Open Mould Gun Laminating
• Open Mould Hand Laminating

Through exemplary service in our composite manufacturing, Bolwell has been encouraged by its customers to branch into other fields of manufacture and assembly. As such, Bolwell has now been awarded contracts for upholstery assembly with the possibility of further jobs of this type. When your workforce is the best, there is no end to the possibilities.