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Closed Moulding

Bolwell has a range of composite moulding methods to suit your product’s design, geometry and required volume. If the design is suitable (and we will help you do this), then we can produce your composite part using a closed moulding method.  Bolwell uses several vacuum infusion systems which all follow the basic rule of using a vacuum to pull the resin through the reinforcement cloth within a closed cavity tool.  Why would you want to go to closed moulding?

Closed moulding has many advantages including;

  • Maintaining an engineered “B” side to your part which can be important for mounting and clearance considerations. Material thickness can be better maintained to specification.
  • The use of special, advanced reinforcement cloth which is much stronger than typical cloths found in open moulding. Material wastage is set to a minimum which saves money and the environment.
  • Closed moulding controls are set by the system rather than the skills of the operator. This normally equates to more repeatable parts with less variances from a specification.

Enquire about our Closed Moulding today.