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Light Scanning Technology

Parts large or small, complex or simple, can now be easily reverse engineered using Bolwell’s combination of light scanners and specialist software.  If you have a current part that you wish to define in CAD but do not have the Engineering resources or the time to construct a full technical specification, then light scanning may be the answer.  The Engineering team at Bolwell can prepare your product (or prototype model) for scanning and within a few hours provide a full CAD model depending on complexity. The system is portable so we can even come to you and scan products in situ. Even if you don’t have a product designed, but you want something to fit with a surrounding area, we can scan that area and design you something ourselves.

Bolwell also uses Light Scanning as a Quality Control method to verify that the parts we produce match the CAD data and technical specification from our customers.  This is especially useful for PPAP and ISIR requirements where technical specifications don’t reach to 3D complex curves and geometry.

Enquire about our Light Scanning today.