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Design. Perfect. Produce. Repeat

Delivering the best in thermoforming.

Plastic Thermoforming offers a flexible application appropriate for small detailed components through to large complex parts. Bolwell concentrates on sheet forming using such processes as vacuum forming, drape forming, compression forming and bending.

We use a wide range of materials from ABS to clear Polycarbonate and we have a great selection of finishes from Haircell leather-look to full chrome.

Design. Perfect. Produce. Repeat

Engineering your product to be the best.

Whether you require small or large production runs, Bolwell’s thermoform technologies can provide the most cost-effective solution to your business. Bolwell has a wide range of bed sizes for it’s vacuum forming process and robotic trimming is standard. Our engineering team will help design your product for the thermoforming process so that your parts are made efficiently and cost competitively.

Industries we service include:
Heavy Transport
Rail and Light Rail

Design. Perfect. Produce. Repeat

We have the experience and expertise.

If you have been considering injection moulding your product but can’t afford the high tooling cost, vacuum thermoforming may be the answer. Tooling is a fraction of the cost of injection moulding and because our tools never wear out, a single tool will allow you to produce unlimited volumes for the life of your product.

Worried about designing the right tool? We do it all for you as we draw from our expansive knowledge-base to ensure material shrinkage, release angles and material thinning is well understood prior to manufacture. We can even create prototype tooling so that you can be assured your part will perform prior to full production.