When you are making the decisions to take a concept to market, it is important that you know who you’re dealing with.
The Bolwell Corporation is comprised of highly experienced individuals working together – from design to delivery – all of whom are focused on ensuring that you, your product and your company look great.

Bolwell People

The team at Bolwell includes:

  • Design, CAD and FEA professionals
  • Technical and engineering staff available to support your designers and engineers to maximize the potential of your composite products
  • Design and engineering professionals who are also integral to our superior customer service
  • Industrial design, mechanical and plastics engineers, plus pattern and tool makers.

When we’re engaged at the beginning of your project, our combined input is powerful – and makes a significant, collaborative, efficiency-driven contribution to your success.

The Key People at Bolwell

Paul Lyons, CEO

Paul Lyons brings depth of experience and achievement across all areas of The Bolwell Corporation business. He has an impressive background managing multi-function Operations, Strategic Planning, New Product Development, Sales, Engineering, Supply Chain and Distribution, Quality and Inventory Management.
Paul’s business achievements span a range of industries from Defence, Transport and Infrastructure to Marine, and include:

  • increasing production outputs
  • saving project cycle times
  • cost reductions
  • reductions in absenteeism
  • Lean Six Sigma implementation to increase through-put and first pass yield
  • workflow and quality improvements

Campbell Bolwell, Chairman and Founder

Campbell is ‘the man with the dream’ which has made him the expert in the practical transformation of design ideas to commercialization. He is the author of ‘Designer, Creator, Manager – an Entrepreneur’s Guide to Successful Product Development’ which is now recommended reading for many tertiary design students.

Linley Hughes, Managing Director

Linley has been with Bolwell since the early days of Bolwell Cars and the Bolwell Nagari. You will benefit from Linley Hughes’ management experience through our movement into the OE manufacturing field, inroads into the marine industry, and expansion into other industries – such as heavy transport.
Linley has an impeccable record in manufacturing and is responsible for our centrepiece operation, Bolwell Thailand.

Vaughan Bolwell, Design Director

Vaughan currently leads an Australian based team of Industrial Designers; Mechanical, Material and Process engineers.

After graduating from RMIT’s Industrial Design Faculty, Vaughan spent the next ten years designing and implementing production of a wide range of large projects including heavy truck bodies for major Global clients, Australian Government military vehicles, commercial aerospace components; and bespoke carbon fibre sports cars.

Vaughan brings to The Bolwell Corporation many year of design experience including designing and implementing production of a wide range of large projects including heavy truck bodies for major Global clients, Australian Government military vehicles, commercial aerospace components, and bespoke carbon fibre sports cars.

It is this diversity which can assist you when commercializing your product. The proof of his design skills are evidenced in our award winning Bolwell EDGE.

Owen Bolwell, Marketing Director

Owen brings sounds operations management coupled with extensive sales and marketing management experience to Bolwell. Owen may have grown up with the Bolwell name but he didn’t step straight into a role within the organization, preferring to make his name as an internationally successful music producer and songwriter, before taking responsibility for the marketing activities of the Bolwell Group.

He brings marketing expertise and start-up experience from his management of the Bolwell RV range. Within The Bolwell Corporation, Owen’s marketing responsibilities include expanding Bolwell’s industrial client base and positioning Bolwell as a preferred OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplier; development of marketing initiatives and implementation of sales strategies.


The team at Bolwell has been assembled to live up to Campbell Bolwell’s reality of commercializing concepts, through smart design, that have better aesthetics, lower manufacturing costs, manufactured with quality.

We are the team that is able to find the solution to your product manufacturing needs with a focus on cost, quality and delivery requirements.
Our experience is backed by our willingness to listen. When you’re ready to talk, we’re here.

Call the Bolwell team today to find out how we can help you.