Plastic Thermoforming


Bolwell’s plastic thermoforming employs a flexible application appropriate for products that range from small detailed components through to large complex parts that need to be UV stable – all with flame resistance or high impact resistance.


If you are uncertain of how you can commercialize your product for:

  • the automotive industry
  • OE automotive parts
  • electrical/electronic applications
  • medical
  • food handling

because it requires a small production run, or is required in mass product runs, then Bolwell’s operational flexibility and thermoforming capabilities can provide the cost-effective solution you seek.

Principles of Thermoforming

In thermoforming process a flat sheet is heated to the point where it softens and becomes stretchable. We then use vacuum forming to shape your product, to your exact specifications.

At Bolwell we have a vacuum forming bed capacity of 6m by 3m.

Bolwell Plastic Thermoforming Offers


Through the use of thermoforming we are able to offer the flexibility of producing either very small and detailed components such as those use in electronics, right through to large complex parts. Both can be provided in either very small runs or mass produced, but regardless of the size of the production run, all are manufactured to a very high quality and in the most cost-effective way.

As an end-to-end solution provider, The Bolwell Corporation has the knowledge, experience, expertise and capability to commercialize your product.

Our reputation and capabilities help production planners and supply chain managers look great – by delivering high quality design and manufacturing at the best cost, on time.