The Bolwell Corporation is recognized worldwide for its expertise in the design and manufacture of a continually expanding range of products made from composites.

The companies and businesses that benefit from our extensive capabilities are those who need to source a supplier of small and large, complex fiberglass assemblies, and a manufacturer who can deliver fully assembled components that meet US and EU quality standards. One that uses JIT (just-in -time) production and delivery systems.


Bolwell is your full-service composites manufacturing partner with

  • impeccable design credentials,
  • state-of-the-art engineering capabilities,
  • tooling that delivers accuracy at every stage, and
  • 24 hour technical onsite support.

You will find our 30+ years of experience invaluable in commercialization of a new product, adding improvements to an existing product, or contributing innovative production procedures that deliver great quality for a lower manufacturing cost.

For tailor-made solutions, the Bolwell Corporation is an experienced OEM (original equipment manufacture) provider, with Australian and Thailand based manufacturing facilities – delivering to companies around the globe.


We manufacture products using

  • fiberglass
  • carbon fiber and Kevlar
  • composite moldings

and offer RTM Lite, vacuum infusion and spray & hand lamination processes.

Bolwell Delivers

Wherever you are globally, we deliver US and European quality standard products directly to your production line, at a fraction of the cost you might expect from a Quality Certified manufacturer.

Bolwell delivers experience in composites manufacture and OEM supply to you, just as we have for companies like Kenworth, for whom we have delivered over 30 000 Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) truck bodies to Kenworth – since 1982!

And we deliver our ability and commitment as a full service supplier who can build lasting relationships based on service and delivery.

Plant Equipment and Services


Our equipment includes:

  • open mold
  • chopper gun
  • hand lay
  • closed mold
  • RTM
  • Infusion
  • Extrusions

The services we can offer your business include GRP extrusions, pattern and mold making, large complex components, small simple components, plumbing, electrical wiring, assembly to final product.

Why Bolwell for Manufacturing Composites?


When you work with Bolwell you don’t just engage a composites manufacturer. We offer, where required, an end-to-end service from design to delivery backed by well over 30 years of experience and award winning expertise.

We know how to deliver high strength-to-weight ratio products and can create complex shapes that combine to make a range of purpose-specific parts. Our experience in providing products like fire retardant tanks for fire trucks and corrosion resistant products for marine environments means demonstrates how we work with our clients to achieve their aims.

When we design and manufacture for you, we focus on the physical properties or constraints needed for your products’ application.

With Bolwell you get an ISO9001 compliant manufacturer able to deliver JIT to your production line with all the benefits of our design and engineering experience.

Contact Bolwell today to find out how we can help you.