Manufacturing Capability


Developing a product from concept to reality can be both challenging and expensive – but it doesn’t always have to be. As an end-to-end solution provider, Bolwell has the established capabilities to expertly streamline your product creation process, from design to delivery.

As we transform your ideas into high quality manufactured products, you benefit from our proven track record for:



Bolwell takes your ideas, adds breakthrough concepts, technologies and manufacturing processes, and delivers products that are at the cutting-edge of design. Classic examples of this are our own Bolwell RV Edge and AIR luxury touring caravans.

Our processes include innovation in:

  • Composites
  • Thermoforming, and
  • Metal fabrication.

Bolwell is acknowledged internationally as a leader in design and engineering, complex manufacture and hi-tech assembly.



We have a rock-solid reputation for expertise in advanced composite solutions, including:

  • GRP (Glass reinforced plastic)
  • Ultra light carbon fiber & kevlar
  • Ballistics
  • Fire retardant
  • Open mould
  • Infusion
  • RTM (resin transfer molding)
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Hi Impact Absorption – tractor panels and machinery enclosures, truck and bus front and rear hoods.

Bolwell has been manufacturing composite truck bodies for Kenworth and Iveco for over 30 years.

Plastic Thermoforming (Vacuum Forming)


Plastic Thermoforming offers a flexible application appropriate for small detailed components through to large complex parts.

Plastics moulded include  ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), UV stable and can be bio-grade on request.  Flame resistant coatings are available and the material’s high impact resistance has applications in:

  • the automotive industry, such as OE automotive parts
  • electrical/electronic applications
  • medical
  • food handling

Ballistics Grade Composites


Our Bolwell teams work on next-generation defence projects to deliver lightweight components to heavy-duty military specifications, including external armour and internal fitout. Capabilities include:

The use of ballistics materials

  • External coatings offering reduced infrared detection.
  • Flexible, modular design and construction of interior components.
  • Fire retardant and impact absorbing properties.

Hi-Tech Assembly of Complex Products


Our manufacturing facilities have the staff, equipment and know-how to deliver performance products and components to exacting standards. In the past they have included those for:

  • High performance vehicles
  • Precision development
  • Bespoke production
  • Lightweight, strong materials such as carbon fibre and alloys
  • Leading design and engineering
  • Complex manufacture and Hi-Tech Assembly

Product Examples


Here at Bolwell we manufacture products that, if required, are able to withstand a variety of environmental conditions, to exacting specifications and performance criteria.

A diverse range of materials, applications, and production techniques are used in the products that we manufacture for our clients, including:

  • Composite fiber displays and architectural fittings
  • Lightweight vacuum formed ceiling panels
  • Interior and exterior components such as trims and doors made from fire retardant materials and supplied as ready-to-fit sub assemblies (rail)
  • Truck and Bus front and rear hoods, roofs
  • Air fairings for Kenworth & IVECO trucks and VOLGREN buses
  • Air intakes, side fairings and dash panel assemblies
  • Tractor panels and machinery enclosures
  • Fish race, pens, tanks and transportation equipment (aquaculture composites are well suited to high corrosive environmental applications)
  • Fire retardant fire truck tanks
  • Heavy duty composite moldings for Trackmaster off road RVs
  • Molded boat decks, internal and external components – UV stablised and corrosion resistant
  • Chrome plated thermoformed plastic components – ideally suited to marine environment
  • Fully assembled enclosures for Australian water and electricity utility companies
  • Heavy duty, corrosion resistant HV Transformer enclosures for city and coastal installations


You too can benefit from the design, manufacture, delivery and cost advantages that Bolwell provides through our unique combination of design-delivery capabilities.

We welcome your call or email to discuss your next project.