Hi-Tech Assembly


Big companies with big production and assembly jobs need partners who understand manufacturing, support, multi-national business, pricing, pressures and customer demands.

Bolwell Thailand was established to deliver the most attractive, effective, and low cost manufacturing solution to our international customers, with all the benefits of Australian leadership, management and support.

Manufacturing and Hi-Tech Assembly

We understand that there is always a balance to be achieved between quality standards and costs, that our customers seek the best product at the best price. This understanding, together with The Bolwell Corporation’s unique capabilities, is what sets us apart.

We provide:

  • manufacturing managements and implementation
  • purchasing power to keep costs down
  • assembly line service
  • line side fitment
  • just in time delivery to your line or warehousing and distribution.

You can stop worrying about space, cost, capacity and the burdens of inventory, because we take care of that – leaving you free to focus on your growing your business and supporting your customers.


Imagine a world in which you could rely upon:

– Increased resource efficiency,
– Predicable costs
– Forecast clarity,
– Optimized pricing,
– Delivery of your product to your customer

without any extra stress being placed upon you.

At Bolwell we have created that world for our customers. We are an end-to-end solution provider whose supply chain and manufacturing management services evolved to meet the efficiency needs of our clients.

The Advantages of Bolwell Management Services

We know that manufacturing and supply chain costs have a huge impact on your bottom line. So we have designed and implemented systems and processes that steamline the process of product design, manufacturing, packaging and delivery. Using Bolwell as your single-supplier solution may prove to be the best cost-reduction decision you ever make. Savings can be identified at every turn: innovation, design, processes, resources, delivery, people and time.

with Bolwell managing your supply chain and manufacturing, your business will enter into a whole new dimension of predictability, efficiency, and cost savings.

Purchasing Power

Purchasing is a pressure that sometimes only buying leverage can relieve. When Bolwell takes care of your purchasing, you enjoy the benefits of our purchasing power. Our suppliers are committed to keeping our business through meeting the benchmarks we set for highest quality:lowest price.

When you need to take the stress out of business with manufacturing and hi tech assembly solutions, and you need them to be reliable, fast, high quality and low cost, you need to talk to us. Contact Bolwell.