It is not by accident that Bolwell has an enviable reputation for managing product manufacture from concept through to packaging and delivery. Commitment to great design, ongoing innovation, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and seamless delivery has been our hallmark for over 50 years.

The Bolwell story began all those years ago with Campbell Bolwell’s dream to design and build sports cars – a dream that became a reality when he built his first fiberglass sports car at age 16. This one car became the foundation for what grew to become The Bolwell Corporation.

In those 50+ years we have pioneered manufacturing processes that have allowed us to become a full service provider for companies like yours – companies that enjoy the benefits that flow from our total manufacturing solutions. We can take your product from design right through production to assembly, packaging and delivery.

“Through creativity and innovation we deliver world class products and design solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations.”

The Early Years

A 15 year old Campbell Bolwell bought a 1937 Ford V8 sedan for A£50 (around US$100). It was when his brother Graeme decided to take the car for a run in the forest, instead of going to school one day, that Campbell had his first introduction to sports cars.

The panels were damaged so badly that Campbell decided to replace them with molded fiberglass – creating the Bolwell Mk1. Little did he know that his experimenting with the ‘new technology’ of molded fiberglass would grow to become The Bolwell Corporation of today.

In 1962, after developing hands-on fiberglass molding skills, Campbell turned his custom sports car hobby into a business. The Bolwell Mk 4 was his first commercial model, selling over 200 units. Bolwell Cars went on to create five different commercial models, 800 cars in total – and in so doing earned a place in Australia’s automotive history.

From cars we diversified into other fiberglass products, and quickly became known for excellence in fiberglass and composites manufacture – sought-after by customers that included smaller Australian businesses through to larger international transport and marine companies.

Even in the early years it was imagination and innovation that set us apart, and which attracted international attention.

From Sports Cars To Defence, Architecture, Mining and Beyond

Bolwell’s capabilities were adapted from sports cars to other vehicle applications, including heavy transport, marine, defence, architecture, mining, infrastructure and OE automotive. And our willingness and ability to provide flexible scale production has allowed us to nurture long term client relationships – some of which have continued for more than 30 years. We have supplied over 30,000 GRP Kenworth truck bodies since 1982.

Learn more about today’s Bolwell Corporation here.

The Bolwell Edge


In 2010 we launched the Bolwell Edge, our award-winning caravan. In 2011 the edge won Good Design and Innovation awards. It is a lightweight but extremely strong, aerodynamic caravan that is stable, safe and economical to tow.