Design to Prototype: Part 2 – Vaughan Bolwell


Video Transcript

So after the CAD process is finished and that’s a laborious process, we can go through structural testing. We did that for a lot of products. And when we’re comfortable that the product’s going to last, sure we’re going to start cutting ourselves maybe a temporary mold, that type of thing.

And there’s a little bit of a time lag there so you’re off doing other projects during that time, but when it comes back and you start constructing the very first prototype path I like to be there. I like to be there working out maybe the fiberglass laminate. Maybe working on the vacuum for plastic material. Maybe looking at the color. So I like being down and dirty with the prototyping stage.

And then, of course, there’s nothing better than displaying and presenting to your customer this finished product. Always gets me excited, particularly when you can see it on a truck or a vehicle and watching some of the facial expressions of some of these people when they see it for the first time. It’s a wonderful thing.


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