About Us


Bolwell Corporation is an acknowledged expert in fiberglass and advanced composites design and manufacturing. Of course, any company can make such a claim, but at Bolwell we have the track record, long-term clients, demonstrated capabilities, and products, that prove it.

Most recently, our design of the Bolwell RV, ‘EDGE’, launched in 2010, continues to be celebrated with design and innovation awards [link to page]. The Bolwell EDGE exemplifies our distinguished design heritage [link to Heritage Page], which began with the first fiberglass sports cars produced by Campbell Bolwell in the 1960s.

Bolwell And The Concept-Delivery Process

With Bolwell, you will find a product commercialization ally – one who understands business. In fact, Campbell Bolwell has write a book about successful product design, and instructed engineering and design chiefs on the practical transformation of design ideas into commercialized products.

One of the greatest strengths Bolwell has to offer you is our full understanding of the processes from design to packaging and delivery. We are a team of practical people: designers who understand your materials and manufacturing requirements, and the benefits to your bottom line of just-in-time delivery.

We embody a belief that smart design gives you better aesthetics, lower manufacturing costs and built-in quality control. And our people bring a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience to your business.

Bolwell People

We apply the focus that we use in our own products to yours – we find solutions to product problems that strive to meet your specific cost, quality and delivery requirements. At Bolwell, we listen.

It is because we listen, that we offer an end-to-end solution and have worked across such a wide range of industries and product types.

Industries Serviced

National Gallery of Victoria Recognizes Bolwell Innovation

The award winning Bolwell EDGE caravan/RV, designed initially for the Australian market, is being featured in the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Design Now exhibition.

The EDGE has attracted design and innovation attention because it successfully fuses form and function for the enhancement of experience in what many consider to be a ‘tradition’ market, caravanning. It has been designed around 3 specific criteria:

  1. It has the strength required for Australia’s Outback roads.
  2. To be aerodynamic and allow safe travel on interstate highways
  3. To provide a high quality experience for travellers.

The Bolwell EDGE is commercially viable in the Australian caravanning market because it was designed with its ‘manufacturability’ in mind – right from the concept stage from.

We have used aerospace-quality composite plastics in its manufacture, which has meant we have been able to increase the EDGE’s quality for a reduced production cost, and with fewer workmanship variables.

The EDGE story sums up Bolwell – smart design delivering high quality but lower cost products which are aesthetically pleasing.

Contact the Bolwell team here to see how we can apply our skills to your product.